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Business Opportunities
GE Recycling has eight years of solid experience in the recycling business, and we know how to run recycling centers successfully. One of our top priorities in operating our recycling centers - we have five of them at present - is acknowledging the needs and concerns of the landowners and neighborhood community in which we work.

GE Recycling has concentrated exclusively on environmental equipment installation and “green” collection / processing technologies since its inception in mid-2002.

Raising The Bar
The firm was created with the aim of achieving consistent production and participation in the renewed commitments of today’s environmental movement. In the four years since GE Recycling opened its first allocation point, we have not only provided quality collection and processing services to the Los Angeles metro area, but have raised the bar in accessibility, cleanliness, and customer satisfaction for our entire industry. People who previously had no reason to expect clean, efficient, friendly recycling drop-off points now have a benchmark by which to measure the ‘recycling experience,’ and if our efforts can increase recycling on a large scale, we will have fulfilled one of our key goals.

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